Income Planning vs Paycheck Routine - Which is Better

Thursday, January 18, 2024

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Income Planning vs Paycheck Routine - Which is Better

It seems there is a lot of talk around paycheck routines lately.

However, in our opinion having a paycheck routine keeps you thinking short term and does not benefit you if you have huge financial goals like retiring early.

If you want to build wealth you need to think in terms of income and not paychecks.

​So a better way to approach your finances is to focus on income planning.


  • ​Income Planning vs Paycheck Routine
  • ​Timing of Financial Approaches
  • ​How to Start Creating Streams Of Income

Income Planning vs Paycheck Routine
Income planning is being proactive about creating and managing multiple streams of income (dividend income, rental income, business income etc) over time to provide yourself with financial stability and flexibility.

It’s like having the best musicians playing instruments in your own band where you are the lead singer focused on making it to the Rocking Roll Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame in your case would be a financial goal like financial independence, retiring early, or generational wealth.

A Paycheck Routine on the other hand is a reactive way to manage your finances.

It is based on one income source (paycheck) to maintain basic financial stability like paying your bills on time and saving a bit.

​Think of it as playing the same song over and over again. It’s good now, but how many times can you listen to it before you get tired of it?

Taking Control

Income planning allows you to take control of your life by building multiple income streams for the future.

You can adapt easily to financial curve balls because your finances are not tied to a single source of income. Especially one that can easily be taken away.

Takeaway: Being able to adapt brings flexibility and opportunity that just cannot exist if you are working with just one source of income.

Time and Place

If you have an immediate need to cover expenses and get your finances under control, then a paycheck routine should be your priority.

However, if you are at a stage where you can begin prioritizing your long term goals over your immediate needs, then an income plan is something you should start implementing to secure your financial future.

Takeaway: Both approaches have a place when managing your finances, but you need to choose between them based on where you are financially.

Developing Income Streams

​When it comes to developing income streams you can start off small and then grow them over time. Here are some tips on how you can begin:

  • ​Outline your income goals, potential income sources, and a timeline
  • ​Determine how much money you need to start your chosen income stream
  • ​Make a list of your skills, hobbies, and areas of expertise
  • Start by dedicating a small amount of time each day or week to learn about different investment options
  • Learn from others' experiences for valuable insights and inspiration - you’ve already started on this step because you are part of the Wealth Twins Community - The Wealth Pack

Closing Thoughts

Building wealth is unique to your personal goals and life situation.

So you have to create an income strategy that aligns with your vision.

The journey towards building multiple income streams might start with small steps, but each step is closer to your own financial Hall of Fame – be it early retirement, financial independence, or creating generational wealth.

You have a supportive community here at the Wealth Twins to guide you along the way.

Stay focused and empowered,

​Nadia & Nicole

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